Measure and maximize your member engagement

We help your members stay engaged in between your activities and events

A branded app gives a unique experience to each member

Lounjee features


We suggest to each member which other member can help them (find a job, mentor, co-founder, etc.).



Members chat in the app and then meet in person. You can also start group chats with your group members.


Meetings and events

You can schedule events, target your audience and members will be notified in-app.


Branded app

An app with your name and branding, with its own download destination on iTunes and Play stores.


Professional reputation

Identify the active and trusted users in your community to identify influencers, contributors and experts.

A dashboard to understand, segment and engage your members

Lounjee features

Insights and analytics

See aggregate insights for your community. View list of profiles for any location/industry/motivation.


Segmentation and Targeting

Target your events, job postings and communications. Reach members based on their profile (skills, interests, industries, current or previous company)



Send events in one click to any segment of your members. Invite members living in that location or who are currently within a certain distance of the event.



Reach out to members individually or through group chats. Send messages, emails, event invites or in-app notifications.


Up-to-date information

Each time members log in, we update contact information. You can easily download this in excel format.


Secure your data

We maintain the highest data protection standards (fully GDPR compliant). We implement two-factor authentication, firewalls and SSL to keep your data secure.


Fully branded app

Your brand is strengthened as members use the app. We validate your members as being genuine upon first install.


Seamless integration

We integrate seamlessly with existing CRM solutions. You can easily access all your data for use with other tools.



Our chat bots automatically keep members engaged. Our solution continuously adds relevant tags to each members to give you a powerful CRM tool without doing any work.

Create an engaged community

Our clients - they are creating super-engaged communities


Understand what works

By having engagement metrics and data in the admin tool, you can identify and focus on activities that add value. Take your decision-making to a new level.


Success stories

We show you when members have indicated their meeting was a big success and what their reasons for meeting were, making it easy to discover success stories.


Increase revenues

Because members are more engaged, you will increase your revenues opportunities because you can better identify, segment, manage and communicate with members.

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